welcome to second grade

Welcome to Room 115

My name is Ms. Merizalde. You are welcome to my classroom at any time.  Please feel free  to contact me.  You can email me at cherryl.merizalde@ops.org 


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Language Arts

Second grade students work on grammar and writing skills.

Tune in here for samples of good writing from our room.

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Second grade spelling lists are comprised from the spelling provided in the Journeys reading series (phonics, word patterns) and the unit lists from Sitton Spelling (high frequency words).

How to Study Spelling Words:

To practice at home, each day pick one spelling activity you would like to do.

1. Write each spelling word 3 times.

2. Write each spelling word in a sentences.

3. Cut out letters from an old newspaper or magazine and spell each of your spelling words. Glue the words on the lined paper.

4. Write each spelling word. Then, divide each word into syllables. You may use a dictionary for help.

5. Put all 15 words in ABC order from A to Z and then write them again in order from Z to A.

6. Write each spelling word. Then write a rhyming word next to the spelling word. EXAMPLE: sat fat

7. Write each spelling word in lowercase letters. Write it again in CAPITAL letters. EXAMPLE: bad BAD

8. Write each spelling word one time normally and then in "double doodle" by holding two pencils or crayons together while writing.

9. Write each spelling word 2 times in pencil and one time in pen.

10. "Star-write" each spelling word. Form letters using small stars instead of lines.

11. Write each spelling word 2 times and then one time in "spots". Form letters using small dots instead of lines

12. Write each spelling word. Then write each spelling word in two colors. One color for the vowels and one color for the consonants.


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Social Studies

Second grade social studies curriculum includes lessons on neighborhoods and communities. In social studies we learn about different types of communities, community helpers, basic government structures, cooperation and citizenship, and our place in our community.

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