Ms. Perry

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School Phone: (402) 453-6857 


Greetings Parent(s) and Guardian(s)



I am Sascha E. Perry and I happily welcome you and your child to Pre - Kindergarten at Skinner Magnet Center. This year is going to be FUNdamental to your child’s growth and success throughout their years of school. This is my first full year teaching as I am a recent graduate from University of Nebraska – Omaha where I have earned a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. I am currently working towards my Early Childhood Education endorsement. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. I am fascinated with topography, the color pink, and anything sweet.


I am a firm believer that all students can and will learn and that knowledge is built through play. Our classroom is an inclusive classroom, where all students enrolled in prekindergarten are taught in the same setting.


To prepare your child for their most successful year, I believe parent-teacher communication is necessary. I am always available via phone or email. To continue communication, each student will be provided with a Take Home Folder that will be placed in their backpack on Thursdays. This folder will be provided to each student and should be reviewed weekly by a parent and/or guardian.


I look forward to further working with you and your child over the course of this year.



  •  Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science Lincoln University in Missouri
  • Masters of Science in Elementary Education University of Nebraska-Omaha


8:50 - Student Arrival

8:50 9:15 - Breakfast

9:15 9:20 - Brush Teeth

9:20 9:30 - Morning Meeting (Morning Song, Calendar, etc.)

9:30 10:00 - Outside Time/Gross Motor

10:00-10:05 - Wash Hands

10:05-10:20 - Large Group (Circle/Story Time)

10:20-11:50 - Center Time/Small Group

11:50-11:55 - Clean Up

11:55 12:00 - Wash Hands

12:00-12:30 - Lunch

12:30 2:00 - Rest

2:00-2:30 - Outside Time/Gross Motor

2:30 3:30 - Center/Snack Time

3:30 3:35 - Clean Up

3:35 3:45 - Large Group/Summary of the Day

3:45 4:00 - Fun Time

4:00-4:05 - Dismissal