Classroom Page

Welcome to Kindergarten!

In Kindergarten we will:

Meet your child’s individual needs through multiple experiences.


8:35 a.m.- 8:50 a.m.

Instructional Time Begins 

                                                              8:50 a.m.


4:05 p.m.

Please call the school if routine dismissal method has changed or write this information in the planner your child brings home each evening.

It is very important for Skinner to have an updated phone number!



Mrs. Gamerl

email is checked each day @11:45 and 3:15


Kindergarten Schedule 


8:35 a.m.-8:50 a.m

Instructional time begins at 8:50







Science/Social Studies



4:05 p.m.

School begins at 8:50 AM - It is important for your child to be on time for school as we begin with our reading block shortly after the tardy bell rings.

Skinner Skyhawks Expectations 



Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful


                                              Skinner Stop Light Books

Hello Families!


We are thrilled to have your child at Skinner Magnet Center.  Today your child will bring home their Green Book.  Please note the following:


  1. This is a way for me to talk with you about your child’s day.
  2. Please sign your child’s Green Book each evening.  Your child is responsible for having the Green Book at school each day.
  3. The Green Book has a stoplight for a.m., p.m., specials and notes for any classroom events.  Please note that if your child is in GREEN, they are listening and doing their school job, YELLOW shows they are having difficulty listening and RED shows that the mistake continues to happen.
  4. Please take a few moments each night to review your child’s Green Book with them.  If your child should be in yellow or red, please discuss the mistake and practice with them what it means to listen to teachers the first time.


Please call if you have any questions regarding the Green Book:  (402) 453-6857.


Ms. Gamerl

Homework Expectations


We encourage students to listen to or read an appropriate storybook every night.

We also encourage students to practice their math facts and sight words throughout the year.

As our students grow and develop, homework expectations will be modified to fit their individual needs.

Homework will be assigned and sent home in the planner on the left side of the red folder this will be explained to your child and marked with HW - this should be completed at home and sent back to school in the planner. Once checked the homework will be placed into the planner on the keep at home side (star side) for you to keep.