lisa opava



Welcome to Skinner Magnet Center.  My name is Ms. Opava and I am a visual arts specialist.  I have taught art at Skinner since it opened in 1996. 


On Critical Thinking and Analysis


When we involve students in artistic problem solving, we invite their participation as partners in the learning process.  Instead of being told what to think, the visual arts require students to sort out their own reactions and articulate them through the materials at hand. Their attention and focus become absorbed in the task so that they learn from individual reflection rather than from the outside.  They discover the answers for themselves through their own critical thinking. 

Such solutions require higher order thinking, analysis, and judgement.  Students tend to stay on task because they are creating their own work, not replicating someone else's.

Being able to think independently is the basis of problem solving.  It is also an engaging way to learn.